what are call option?

What are call options? These are the Suresh and Ramesh. Suresh sure that Reliance is currently the company's shares worth Rs900 may extend their value. Rahul, who also have shares of Reliance, and that the price of shares that can be minimized. Rahul Suresh is willing to sell his shares in the Rs 920 a month during the period. They signed an agreement on the call option. Which gives the right to buy and Suresh Rahul was forced to sell the shares on the date fixed prices fixed. Suresh Rahul option for those who say that the charge, a premium of him. Which is Rs 20 per share. If the price band of Rs 20 a month premium paid for using the S option that is less and you could earn a profit of Rs 80 to Rs 1000. But if the price of the shares was less than Rs 920 and Rs 20 for S and which may lose the option. Call options often investors waiting for leverage the capital for greater investment return.